Abstract Retail

What’s that? It’s the space where academic knowledge, practical experience, test and learn activities, research, reflection and random ideas all meet to create something innovative or get together and find it hard to agree.

  • Abstract because this approach has never been the traditional one (the academic aspects came later).
  • Abstract because it’s usually a thought that hasn’t been carried through to execution.
  • Abstract because this thinking is often in visual shapes and colours rather than anything close to resembling reality. 



Johnny Morris has always been fascinated by brands. At the age of ten he wrote to Rolls Royce, asking for assistance in selecting his first automobile. (They kindly responded with some promotional literature, technical documentation and a pack of stickers to share with his friends).

Following a brief time spent in a London advertising agency he built and bought a number of different companies centred around marketing and technology. Two of them were sold to large corporations and the other ones are rarely discussed except in moments of deep reflection.

Johnny joined the corporate world in 2013 and that’s where you can find him today. He has worked in 20 different countries and typically is asked to focus on luxury brands, digital transformation and customer loyalty programmes. 

He’s never owned a Rolls Royce.

Link to media coverage:

None of this would be possible without…

Rehearsing the fictional acceptance speech, I’d have to thank Adobe, Apple, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Pitney Bowes, Salesforce and SAP for bringing it all to life. Also to Qatar Airways for all the upgrades to First 😉.

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