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The best loyalty programme providers

Who manages loyalty programs for retailers?

Hey! I need a loyalty program. Is there anyone out there?

So, if you’re looking to set up a loyalty programme for your UK business and you need some assistance, who do you turn to? Who runs loyalty programmes? If you search in Google for ‘loyalty programmes’, a whole range of different businesses appear. I’ve got to know many of the major players, and I believe each of them has a value for different reasons, so thought it would be time to share my shortlist, categorized according to different needs:

1. I don’t know if I need loyalty, and have no idea what it would do for my business.

If this is you, there are three people to turn to:

2. I have loads of client data, but I’m not doing anything with it.

If this is you, I’d suggest:

3. Customer relationships for me are all about emails and SMS broadcasting.

There are so many businesses that fit this category, especially online retailers. If most of your revenue comes from email promotions, try:

Cheetah Mail

Vision 6

4. I want a marketing agency who can design a reward programme to influence customers to visit more frequently and perhaps provide the technology too.

5. Loyalty, for me, is a sales promotion mechanic. I want to buy a series of reward vouchers, to motivate my customers and my staff.

6. I don’t just need loyalty, I need an EPOS system too. In fact, do you have any EFTPOS terminals for me to process credit card transactions?

7. I want to offer customers credit cards or gift cards, with my company logo on them, and rewards with my company too.

Hope that helps. Who have I forgotten?

(Featured Photo by Cory Bouthillette on Unsplash)

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